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About Second City

About Second City Housing Ltd

The ethos of Second City Housing is to work with most in need of housing, providing a robust service, enabling our customers to lead independent living. Our highly trained staff ensure they provide a holistic approach so that Customers are given a tailored person- centered support plan.

Customers are also given support to access food banks, as they may be facing Financial hardship. We currently partnership work with three others Organisations enabling us to offer the foodbank services:

  • Tesco’s – Via FareShare-Food redistribution
  • As-Suffa Institute
  • Salma Food Bank
About Second City


We engage with our customers to develop a person- centered support plan that meets their needs and aspirations.

  • Improving life skills
  • Budget and debt consolidation
  • Training and volunteering

We provide a holistic approach with our support plans. Our aim is to ensure We provide a service enabling our customers to engage with us, on helping aid Their transition to independent living. Our customers journey may begin in supported accommodation, however by ensuring they are given a robust Service we are able to ensure they are able to access social housing or moved Into independent units that are provided through our organisation. Independent living accommodation that we provide, we ensure that us Customers are given a 12 weeks transition support plan, at the end of it They become more aware of their strengths, and are excited to move forward With the next phase of their life.